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Seek Experienced Legal Help Following A Drowning Or Near-Drowning Accident

California law requires certain safeguards to protect from drowning accidents and near-drowning injuries around the pool. When the laws are not followed, people are at risk of injury and worse. Drowning and near-drowning accidents can result from improper construction and design of a pool, negligent maintenance, inadequate supervision during pool use and failure to maintain the surrounding pool area. Accidents also commonly occur at waterparks, on lakes in other areas of water recreation.

If you suffered serious injuries in a near-drowning incident or lost someone you love to drowning, negligence may have been a factor. The attorneys at the Law Office of Brian H. Turner will help you assess your options and seek appropriate compensation for losses related to the accident.

Near-Drowning Accident Injuries And Resulting Medical Treatment

Injuries from near-drowning accidents tend to be life-threatening and can result in brain injury, coma and/or long-term disabilities. These life-altering injuries can require expensive and extensive medical treatment. Taking on the medical care of a near-drowning victim can also bring difficulties and stresses into family life. The Law Office of Brian H. Turner is here to help you seek the compensation necessary to cover the expenses a near-drowning victim may need.

Who Is Responsible For These Injuries And Deaths?

Liability for water accidents depends on where the accident occurred and the details surrounding it. In litigation related to drowning and near-drowning, defendants commonly include:

  • Waterpark owners and operators
  • Owners of community pools or private commercial pools
  • Homeowners with pools who fail to take reasonable steps to limit access and safeguard against accidents
  • Boat and watercraft owners who operate the vehicles irresponsibly
  • Owners and operators of apartment complexes
  • Manufacturers of defective water safety equipment

In most cases, a drowning or near-drowning accident will be litigated as a premises liability lawsuit, as property owners are responsible for accidents that occur due to dangerous conditions on their premises. However, as indicated above, some cases fall into the categories of motor vehicle accidents, products liability and other subsets of personal injury law.

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