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Handling The Nuances Of California Theme Park Accidents

The “fantasy land” portrayed by so many theme parks offers a place for visitors to venture into a magical world of fun and games. Residents and visitors of California have access to some of the most notable theme parks in the world. Unfortunately, sometimes the expectation of happiness while visiting a theme park falls short when an accident or catastrophe occurs.

Causes Of Theme Park Accidents

Many accidents are the result of a theme park’s improper maintenance of its rides and attractions and/or negligent ride operations by a ride technician, operator or employee. Other accidents and injuries can also occur on a theme park’s grounds because of unkempt walkways, exhibits, stores or restaurants. Each employee, whether ride operator, maintenance crew or manager, is required to perform his or her duties within a certain standard of care to ensure the safety and well-being of every visitor. Any failure by a theme park employee can result in painful injuries, such as fractures, bruising, spine injuries, brain trauma and even death.

What To Do After A Theme Park Accident

If you find yourself or a loved one injured in an accident at a theme park, be sure to get immediate medical treatment for your injuries. Contact the police or security to inform them of the injury and to create a record of the occurrence. After any immediate medical issues have been treated, contact the Law Office of Brian H. Turner for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your injuries.

Why Hiring A Lawyer Is Important For Theme Park Accidents

It is important to have legal representation for California theme park injuries to protect your rights. Many corporations operating theme parks intimidate victims into signing releases freeing them of any liability, including paying medical bills. Theme parks often have attorneys and/or insurance representatives contact victims to discuss injuries, minimizing your pain and suffering. Do not be bullied into any release or early settlement without first contacting the Law Office of Brian H. Turner. Call us at 916.229.8800 or send in our contact form today.