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E-scooter accidents raise concerns

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Personal Injury

Micromobility commuting has become popular in California and other parts of the country, as many people prefer to use e-scooters to get to work or run errands without using their cars. State law governs how people should use e-scooters, and those who operate one negligently may face a civil lawsuit.

E-scooters and recklessness

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission notes that 42,200 e-scooter operators sought emergency room treatments in 2021. The figure shows that e-scooter operators must put safety first.

Riding on sidewalks is prohibited, yet many people violate that rule. Doing so puts them near pedestrians, and hitting someone while riding 15 miles per hour might result in serious injuries. Persons who violate the law could face a challenging negligence claim. Unfortunately, even those who adhere to e-scooter traffic rules may still cause a crash.

Many e-scooter operators might need more training in using micromobility devices. Untold numbers of people with little experience may rent a publicly-shared dockless scooter by using an app. Such e-scooter riders might hit or get hit by a car, motorcycle, bicyclist, or pedestrian due to a mistake their inexperience causes.

Negligence and e-scooters

Riding an e-scooter comes with many of the same responsibilities as riding a bike or motorcycle. Many motorcycle and bicycle accidents happen because someone committed a moving violation or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. E-scooter operators should expect similar legal consequences if they make the same mistakes.

Distractions play a role in some accidents. E-scooter operators who aren’t paying attention to traffic injure themselves or others. Not wearing a helmet may result in worse injuries than the operator expected.

E-scooter accidents appear to be increasing. If the e-scooter operator’s negligence caused harm to another, the operator might face a lawsuit.