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Keep eyes out for distracted drivers

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving takes numerous forms, all presenting dangers to people driving on California roads. Distractions make paying attention to the road difficult. Fellow commuters and even pedestrians must worry about a potential accident caused by a distracted driver unable to react fast enough to avoid a crash or outright causing a collision. So, it helps to look for the signs of a distracted driver.

Distracted driver warning signs

One of the most common examples of distracted driving involves using a phone behind the wheel. Moving in traffic is not a time for a driver to send a text or dial a friend or co-worker. Upon seeing a driver with a smartphone, being cautious seems advisable when hoping to avoid a motor vehicle accident.

Beware of drivers talking behind the wheel or looking at a touchscreen. Even using a hands-free system presents dangers due to possible distractions. Hands-free systems integrate smartphone apps into an infotainment system, adding to potential distractions. Whether listening to a podcast or trying to figure out directions from a GPS, anything diverting a driver’s attention may undermine safety.

One hand on the wheel and one hand on a sandwich is unsafe. Rush-hour commuting is not the right time to eat and drink while driving. Nor is any other time. Keep an eye out for drivers grabbing breakfast or dinner behind the wheel.

Additional warning signs

The occupants inside of a car could also cause distractions. Carrying on an argument with a passenger or tending to a pet while operating a vehicle could be hazardous. Does a driver seem preoccupied with those inside the car? That’s a red flag.

Expect a lawsuit to follow a distracted driving accident. Auto liability insurance may cover the losses. However, there may be incidents where suing above policy limits is worth considering.

Some accidents are unavoidable. However, remaining alert to distracted drivers helps keep commuters safe.