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Leading causes of motorcycle accidents

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are more motorcyclists on California roadways than you’ll find in any other state, and with the year-round gorgeous weather, it’s no wonder. However, with more motorcycle riders comes a large risk of accidents on the notoriously crowded and massive California highways. Motorcycles are so small and fast that they can come out of nowhere in the midst of busy highways. Motorcycles are at serious risk of accidents from a variety of different causes.

Road conditions

One high risk area for motorcycles is around corners. Unlike a car, a motorcycle is lightweight and has a low center of gravity, so an error around a turn can very quickly lead to a momentum shift that causes a crash. Larger multi-passenger vehicles do not have these same challenges.

Another issue is bad roads. Because motorcycles have a low center of gravity and only two tires to balance on instead of four, small bumps, holes, and debris that would not affect a car or SUV can throw a motorcycle off balance and lead to a crash.

Other drivers

Some motorcycle crashes are caused by other drivers. Most people do not have personal experience with a motorcycle, so they don’t understand how they turn, move, and maneuver. People in cars or SUVs often have trouble predicting how a motorcycle will react to traffic or when they will change lanes, increasing the risk of a collision. If another driver is impaired by having used drugs or alcohol, this problem can get much worse, and the road can be much riskier for the motorcyclist.

The road can be a dangerous place for motorcycles and often for reasons that are outside their control. They face a dynamic and uncertain environment where other drivers don’t always make the best choices for them to stay safe and protected.