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Liabilities and commercial trucks

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck collisions may inflict severe injuries on victims inside smaller vehicles. An oversized commercial truck could crush a smaller car it hits, leading many California drivers to behave more defensively around these vehicles. Often, the same negligent behaviors point to a truck driver’s liability.

Truck driver liabilities

Moving violations might increase the risks of a collision. Truck drivers speeding to deliver a load or aggressively challenging other drivers by tailgating put others in danger. An illegal traffic violation might establish the truck driver’s liability.

Truck drivers could work long hours and travel lengthy distances, and fatigue may contribute to a collision. Drivers shouldn’t take to the road when feeling excessively tired because of fatigue’s impact on perceptions and reactions. Sometimes, a cold or a virus could cause fatigue. A truck driver who suffers from any fatigue-inducing illness might become distracted or unable to avoid a collision. Often, seconds count, and impairments might take those seconds away.

A commercial driver might ingest alcohol or drugs before driving. Such behaviors could significantly increase the risks of an accident. Even legal prescriptions or OTC medicines may impair behavior or cause tiredness.

Truck considerations

Truck accidents could result from factors unique to oversized vehicles. For example, all loads and cargo must be secured. The truck shouldn’t suffer from overloaded weight, either. Such things could undermine the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely.

Trucks should undergo proper maintenance to remain safe on the road. Not replacing worn tires may result in a blowout, and someone could get hurt from the massive tire’s flying debris. The truck driver might lose control of the vehicle, as well. Anyone who neglects maintenance responsibilities could face a lawsuit, including the truck driver’s employer.

A lawsuit or insurance claim might settle claims against negligent drivers or third parties. A successful claim might allow victims to recover their losses from injuries and property damage.