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Pedestrian deaths rose in 2021

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents

California has millions of drivers on the road, and most are frequently near pedestrians in the urban centers across the state. Unfortunately, placing drivers and pedestrians close to one another raises concerns about catastrophic accidents. Recent accident statistics confirm that pedestrians might be in more danger than they realize.

Pedestrian fatalities

In 2021, the highest death toll among pedestrians in four decades was recorded. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) noted that 7,485 pedestrians died after being struck by cars, a number higher than the 6,711 fatalities in 2020.

California had the highest number of pedestrian fatalities followed by Florida and then Texas. In 2020, 958 pedestrians died in car accidents.

Many factors may lead to pedestrian suffering harm, including a lack of islands on wide streets and narrow walkways on highways. Driver negligence also plays a role in the dangers that people who are walking and jogging face.

Driver liabilities

When the light turns green, someone crossing the street might not think that a driver will commit a moving violation that causes pedestrian accidents. However, a distracted or intoxicated driver could turn recklessly and strike someone in the intersection. The impact may inflict fatal internal injuries that even immediate medical attention cannot treat.

Speeding stands as one of the top reasons for many vehicle collisions, including those involving pedestrians. It becomes hard to stop when traveling well above the speed limit, and pedestrians may not be able to get out of the way when a car speeds down the street.

Drivers might not check for pedestrians when backing out of parking spots or pulling onto the road. These behaviors increase accident risks that might result in lawsuits and wrongful death cases.