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Potential summer driving hazards for motorists

by | May 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Summer is the ideal season for fun activities like road trips and vacations in California, but it also comes with its own set of driving hazards. As the temperatures rise, motorists must be aware of the risks that come with summertime driving and take steps to avoid them.

High temperatures

Summertime often brings extreme heat, which can take a toll on drivers and vehicles. Overheating is a common problem, particularly for older cars, and can lead to engine failure and motor vehicle accidents. To avoid this, drivers should check their coolant levels regularly and have their vehicles serviced before embarking on long trips.

The heat can also cause tire blowouts, as the hot pavement can cause the air inside the tires to expand. To prevent this, drivers should check their tire pressure regularly, especially between seasons, and avoid overinflating their tires.

Increased traffic

During the summer months, roads become more crowded with tourists and vacationers. This can lead to increased congestion where accidents become a matter of numbers. To avoid getting caught in traffic, drivers should plan ahead and try to avoid busy highways during peak travel times.

Construction zones

Summer is also a prime time for road construction, which can present drivers with additional hazards. Construction zones can create confusion and often require drivers to slow down or change lanes. To stay safe, drivers should pay close attention to signs and signals and be prepared for unexpected lane closures or detours.


The summer months are a time when many animals are more active, which can lead to increased risks of collisions, especially in rural areas. To avoid striking them with their vehicles, drivers should be alert and watch for signs warning of animal crossings.


Californians associate summertime driving with a carefree mentality and fun activities. However, driving in the summer months comes with its own set of hazards that motorists need to be aware of to avoid dangerous accidents. By taking extra precautions and staying alert, drivers can help ensure a safe and enjoyable summer driving experience for all road users.