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Why motor vehicle accidents happen

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are several reasons why you may be involved in a car accident while traveling in California. For instance, another driver may have been distracted while making a lane change or was impaired by alcohol when running through a stop sign. In some cases, driving during the early morning or early evening hours will increase your risk of a crash simply because there are more cars on the road.

Distracted driving is a problem

Although cellphones are a common cause of distracted driving, they are not the only reason why drivers fail to pay attention to their surroundings. Other causes of distracted driving include eating or drinking during the commute to work or changing a radio station. If you are driving a familiar route, you may get bored, which could cause you to become distracted by your own thoughts.

Why impaired driving is dangerous

Impaired driving can lead to motor vehicle accidents because drugs or alcohol make it harder to process information. For instance, you may not notice how fast your car is traveling or notice that a person or animal is crossing the road in front of your vehicle. An impaired motorist may also fail to wear a safety belt, which may increase the likelihood of serious injuries after an accident.

Congested roads may defensive driving difficult

During periods of high traffic, it may be difficult to engage in defensive driving because there may not be enough room to do so. This may be especially true if you’re traveling through a construction zone as lanes may be sealed off or traffic patterns changed with little warning. Even if you are paying attention to your surroundings, your margin for error to avoid a crash is still reduced during a traffic jam.

A car accident may cause serious injuries and damage to your vehicle. You may be entitled to compensation from any party deemed liable for causing the wreck to happen, and passengers in your car may also be entitled to a financial award for medical bills or other losses that they incurred.